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Rockland County has a long and rich history you can explore any day. Here are the sites you don't want to miss.

History is an important part of who we are. Rockland County is rich in terms of historical value. Moving to the area will allow you to explore the county and learn about its past. Our real estate agents can help you find some of the most unique historical landmarks in the area. They can also help you find other places of interest as well. Get to know your community and find out everything Rockland County has to offer.

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If you've never bought a home before, there's so much to learn! Here's how you can avoid common first-time mistakes.

First-time home buyers look forward to living in their own home. They often get so excited about the thought of owning a home that they will make rookie mistakes that may end up being quite costly. Our real estate agents are available to help prevent those mistakes from costing you the dream home you have always wanted. Be aware and ask for advice from people in the real estate industry. They know the market and will be able to give good advice.

  • Look for a lender first – One of the most common problems for a first-time home buyer is looking for the house before they find a lender. Get approved for financing first. This gives you the amount you qualify for and also a letter proving that you are capable of being financed for a specific amount.

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Getting ready to sell your home? Make sure you prep for the appraisal with these tips.

Having your home appraised can cause anxiety if you are worried about selling your home for a certain price. The key to receiving a good appraisal is knowing what you need to do to improve your home. Our real estate agents can help you look for things that will make your home look more inviting inside and have more curb appeal outside.

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